Our Services

Keeping Your Financial Life On Course

Managing and protecting assets accumulated over a lifetime take careful, coordinated planning. Anything less can put your wealth at risk and lead to unintended financial consequences for you and your family.

For more than four decades, Donald Hehir has been helping families and individuals meet the sophisticated planning needs created by their responsible financial stewardship. Bringing clarity to complex situations, he provides vision and direction essential when dealing with issues such as multigenerational planning and wealth transfer.

Donald Hehir & Associates provides experienced, ongoing financial oversight – an essential global view of your financial life that can be difficult to obtain when important financial matters are delegated to specialists with highly focused responsibilities, such as an attorney, accountant, or investment advisor. We work closely with all your advisors, always keeping our eyes on your overall financial picture to identify any gaps in your planning, implement appropriate solutions as necessary, and ensure coordination of all elements of your plan.

Our services cover four key areas:

  • Estate Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Management

Whether you require assistance with complex wealth transfer, asset management and retirement cash flow strategies, or need clarification of issues regarding your multigenerational trust, you can count on us to listen to your concerns, understand your goals, quantify your risk, and anticipate your needs – all while delivering uncompromising personal service.

Providing Direction Where It's Needed Most

People with substantial assets and sophisticated needs typically rely on an attorney, an accountant, and an investment advisor for specialized assistance. What’s often missing is someone who integrates the efforts of these professionals in support of your overall financial needs and goals. That’s where Donald Hehir & Associates comes in. We provide centralized financial oversight that can make a profound difference in four key areas of your financial life.

Estate Planning

Effective estate planning involves more than minimizing estate taxes. It also includes analysis of your assets, estate objectives, and family-related issues that could – or should – influence your estate planning strategy. Such issues might include a relative’s need for specialized care, or the desire to avoid having your assets become a point of contention in a son or daughter’s potential divorce. Our process can help you quantify the merits of everything from a simple will or trust to sophisticated strategies such as gifting, discounting, multigenerational trusts, or an estate freeze.

Investment Planning

Unlike investment specialists who focus on returns, we take a higher-level view of your investments. We analyze many factors, including your short- and long-term goals, current and future income needs, tax considerations, risk tolerance, current portfolio, expense ratios, and more. This analysis helps us determine whether you are compromising returns, assuming too much risk or are being adequately compensated for the risk you carry.

Retirement Income Planning

Ensuring that you do not outlive your assets is an essential component of retirement income planning, but not the only one. It’s equally important to determine the lifestyle you would like to lead in retirement, review your retirement income sources, anticipate your gifting plans, and define your estate goals. Working with you, we analyze these considerations to develop the most efficient withdrawal, asset allocation, and tax strategies for your income and lifestyle needs.

Risk Management

An often overlooked aspect of financial planning is the need to anticipate risks that could hinder your plans or even jeopardize your assets. Such risks include loss of income, the need for long-term care, and professional or personal liability, among others. We can help identify risks to which you might be exposed and then outline strategies for minimizing or eliminating potential liabilities.

Putting Independent Perspective to Work For You

As an independent advisory firm, Donald Hehir & Associates brings valuable objectivity to your financial planning. We face no mandate to utilize a particular company’s financial products or research. Your best interest is our only goal.

We complement objectivity with other attributes you’ll appreciate, including:

  • Investment flexibility – Speaking generally, we do not favor certain types of investments over others. Rather, we evaluate particular investments by examining their appropriateness for your situation. We also conduct our own investment research.
  • No transaction bias – Unlike brokers or advisors whose compensation derives from investment transactions, we have no need to manage your assets with the aim of generating transactions. As a result, we can always stay focused on your overall financial situation.
  • Extensive experience – Over the course of more than three decades, Donald Hehir has helped clients manage the financial ramifications of virtually any development life can offer, from marriage and parenthood to divorce, unexpected disability, and the death of a spouse.